Global Happiness Organization

Last week GHO, in cooperation with the city of Malmö, launched the Happiness Corner in the very center of the annual Malmö Festival. With simple tips on happiness and sustainability the residents of Malmö and the visitors of the festival were inspired to increase wellbeing by smart climate choices.
Watch GHO's new video and join the Happiness Revolution!
Now, we are launching our new advertising campaign, "Join the Happiness Revolution", which will appear in both newspapers, social media and eventually on television.
GHO was represented on the Global Awareness in Action (GAIA) meeting in Newcastle a few weeks ago and shared information about happiness connected to climate and environmental issues.
On Thursday March 20th, it’s the International Day of Happiness. GHO will celebrate this by organizing different happiness events throughout the world.
GHO is on its way to produce a new happiness video, in cooperation with the Portuguese video producer company Boa Onda.