Global Happiness Organization

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The International Day of Happiness (known as Happiness Day) was celebrated throughout the world on the 20th of March. Global Happiness Organization arranged a lot of activities in all the countries where we are located.
The United Arab Emirates has previously declared they want to become the world's happiest country in 2021. During Wednesday they took another step toward that goal by announcing the creation of a minister of state for happiness.
October 6-8, Global Awareness in Action, GAIA, had its final international workshop. This time in Malmö, Sweden.
Join our happiness campaign by posting a happy picture of you or a friend on your wall or on our FB page.
Today, Global Happiness Organization is pleased to announce that singer Pharrell Williams has been named the US Happiness Promoter of the Year for 2014. Famous for his November 2013 song "Happy," which rose to high fame this past year, and popularized what it means to be happy.