Past Results

Past Results

Successes of GHO:

• 2012: The first Global happiness report sees the light of day. This report is published April 2 at the UN Conference on Happiness.
• 2012: All UN member countries agree to establish an international day dedicated to well-being and happiness

Examples of national successes:

• 2012, Sweden: GHO’s expert on happiness Filip Fors issues an independent report to the Swedish Government Provisional Commission which highlights new alternative welfare measures with attention to people’s happiness and subjective well-being.
• 2009, Sweden: Sweden sees its first blog on happiness when GHO launches On this blog, many happiness experts spread the most recent research on how people can improve their quality of life and that of others. The blog is enjoying enormous success.
• 2008, UK: first debate on happiness in the British parliament, promoted by the Liberal Democrats. This party had sent a delegation to the GHO Happiness Conference in Sweden.
• 2007, Sweden: first Swedish parliamentary act aimed at bringing happiness science into the political debate, a consequence of GHO’s strong lobbying of Swedish parliamentarians.

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